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Dear friends of bandoneons,

since more then 40 years he build and develop bandoneons. The major changes though he did in the last three years. He himself play the instrument, and therefor it was most important for him to improve the following:

1) Typical bandoneon-sound.
2) Responsiveness and attack (important in Tango music).
3) Wider dynamic range (Pianissimo more quiet and Fortissimo more louder).
4) Warmer sound.
5) No sound differences in open and close.
6) Airtight bellows.

To reach this high quality constantly for your satisfaction, he build the instruments by himself. He started building bandoneons in 1970, because nobody did worldwide.
Some friends know, that he play the instrument since he was eight years old. In 1975 he graduated from university as teacher for bandoneon music. The spread of a musical instrument works with help of the music himself and he want to place this into the foreground again.

Two choirs bandoneons:

  • 152 sounds based on original argentine system (142 sounds).Bass-side from H to h´, treble-side from g# to h´´´. In open and close.

  • 152 sounds based on original german system (144 sounds). Bass-side from H to h´, treble-side from g to a´´´. In open and close.

  • 154 sounds based on original french Piguri system (142 sounds). Bass-side from H to a´. treble-side from a to h´´´. In open and close.

The Solist-Bandoneon has a basic price of 5350,- Euro
(without tax and transport):

  • Zinc soundboards in the best quality available.

  • Buttons with mother of pearl inlays.

  • Precisionmechanic

  • Noisereduction in the cover.

  • Lyra inlay in metall.

  • Staint black or mahagony

  • Case for the instrument.

  • Weight of instrument 5,2 kg.

Additional options:

  • Silver-lines with mother-of-pearl inlays: 960,- Euro

  • Condenser-microphone-system: 960,- Euro

  • Close keyboard for small hands: 610,- Euro

Every bandoneon is a special instrument. Because he have to order all special material for every instrument, he need a prepayment of 1.800,- Euro. Leadtime is ca.3 month.

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